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Our Mission

As high schoolers ourselves, we know that education is not universal and equally available to high schoolers. We know how empowering education is and want to make a contribution to help out teenagers just like us.

Our mission is to empower high school students by promoting and enabling peer-to-peer education.

We envision a platform where any high school student, from anywhere across the world, can have a seamless learning experience, for any subject. AP Computer Science is just the start and there's "No Stoppin'" us from here!

Our Story

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This journey started off with a passion for computer science and a desire to make others passionate about a field they may not be able to explore. In seventh grade, Moksh Jawa started self-studying Computer Science and was immediately immersed into the fascinating world of coding. In his freshman year, he decided to take the AP Computer Science A exam to test his learning, and passed with a 5, the highest score. Discovering that this passion was also a talent of his, Moksh was eager to learn more as a sophomore, but his high school, Washington High School, did not offer any courses regarding computer science. Although a disappointment at first, Moksh’s inner-entrepreneur kicked in, and he saw an opportunity. Just months later, he released his own AP Computer Science A online course, which helped him spread his knowledge of computer science to his peers, as well as further master the field. Realizing that this course was a great success, he went on to write a 450-page book, accompanying the topics covered in the online program.

Seeing that he was not the only one amongst his peers who loved spreading education, No Stoppin’ was born. Besides Moksh, the team includes: Aadit Joshi, Abhishek Sharma, Sai Atmakuri, and Taj Shaik, who all attend Washington High School, Joel Beckwith, from Learning Post High School, and Nadia Hyder, from Monta Vista High School. Each member has a unique skill set (ranging from coding, to marketing, to designing graphics) that they believe can contribute to the overall mission to spread education and make an impact on other high schoolers. The No Stoppin’ team is dedicated to using their talents for the purpose of helping out other students!

No Stoppin' Team